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How can I help you empower your health for a better life?

  • Shiatsu for stress-related illness
  • Shiatsu for musculoskeletal pain
  • Shiatsu for dementia
  • Shiatsu for couple and pregnancy
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  • Shiatsu for stress-related illness

    Are you caught up in a demanding and stressful life?
  • Can't switch off or get asleep easily - wake up at night or too early in the morning?
  • Experience digestive abdominal discomfort and pain?
  • Struggle with irregular and painful menstrual cycles?
  • Feel unable to cope with life challenges and worry a lot?

    As Shiatsu Therapist, I will help you going through your transformation journey and
  • Restore a beneficial sleeping pattern
  • Regain vital energy and clarity of mind
  • Learn to listen to your tummy and care about what it needs
  • Restore a smooth flow of Blood and reduce pre/postmenstrual symptoms

    The good thing above all is that you will start enjoying the benefits of resting, eating and exercising healthily while carrying on with your professional and family duties!


  • How Shiatsu can help individuals affected by IBS improve their perceived Quality of Life?


    GP, June 2015 - "Pascale also gave me valuable advice on healthy lifestyle. The negative IBS symptoms have lessened over time and I can now manage it much better. And the effect on my sleeping pattern has been wonderful, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night and this has had such a positive impact on my overall wellbeing.
    I highly recommend Pascale as a therapist, she creates a calm and comfortable environment and the treatment has been of real benefit to my wellbeing."

    LW, March 2015 - "Shiatsu therapy was recommended prior to surgery to aid my recovery. Pascale’s comprehensive approach included dietary advice and lifestyle changes that would maximise the benefits of the shiatsu therapy. Pascale creates a calming atmosphere which allowed me to feel comfortable and enjoy the treatment. As well helping me to optimise my health before the surgery, my sleep pattern improved and I felt more energised during the day.
    The body and mind approach that shiatsu provided has helped me to recover well after the surgery and I feel I am finally in control of my health. I can highly recommend Pascale as a therapist and feel the treatment has really benefited me."

  • Shiatsu for musculoskeletal pain

    Do you spend long hours at your desk and in your car?
  • Suffer from chronic back pain?
  • Experience stiff neck and nasty headaches?
  • Frustrated with swollen and aching joints?

    As Shiatsu Therapist, I will help you feel good in your body and
  • Release stagnation and ease up your pain
  • Move your body more freely, independently and spontaneously in daily life
  • Set up a routine of tiny exercises through out the day that will make a real difference

    The cherry on the top is you will learn how to create a new caring way of listening physical sensations!


    SL, June 2016 - "I am a 46 year old female living in London. I am a mother and a keen runner, who over the years entered several races to raise money for various charities.

    In March 2015 following several weeks of experiencing stiffness in my neck, I suddenly suffered a prolapsed disc C4/C5 which resulted in a cervical compression to my spinal cord. Consequently my spinal cord had also been damaged in process, which resulted in a right side hemiplegia as well as features of Brown-Sequard Syndrome (numbness to the left of my body and hypersensitivity).
    After a 7-hour emergency operation to have a pin and plate fitted, I then spent 4 weeks in hospital, before being transferred to a Specialist; Rehabilitation, Spinal Injuries Unit in Buckinghamshire where I spent a further 3 months. I began to regain some movement in my right side and was able to walk with a stick by the time I left hospital. I was aware that this journey was going to be very slow one, with the possibility of permanent physical disabilities.
    After my discharge from hospital and managing at home with the high levels of neurological pain, stiffness, and weakness I was advised by my GP that my medication could be increased. After considering the side effects of increasing my medication, I decided to reject my GP’s offer and I began to explore alternative therapy’s to help with my pain management.

    In April 2016, following my return to work, I was still experiencing high levels of pain and was struggling to get through the day. Several internet searches later, I managed to come across Zen Shiatsu Massage with Pascale MN Chaillet, at the Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation Centre. Although I had little knowledge about Zen Shiatsu therapy, I decided to give a try in the hope that it will relieve my symptoms of pain.

    During my initial telephone conversation with Pascale I found her to be warm, understanding and very professional. We agreed to my first appointment for the following day. At our meeting, Pascale was very open in her approach, she explained the concept of Zen Shiatsu therapy, confidentiality and gave me the opportunity to express my difficulties and think together about what I hope to achieve from her intervention.

    Since April 2016, I have been receiving weekly hourly therapy sessions with Pascale. I find it hard to describe precisely how she works. I can only say Pascale made me feel at ease, and her gentle approach, together with identifying and working with the precise problem areas has helped immensely. My pain levels have decreased, walking has improved as well as my balance and stiffness. As a result, I am more relaxed, happier and able to fulfil most of my daily tasks. Not only have I noticed, my children, family and friends have also seen my marked improvement.

    From my experience of Zen Shiatsu Therapy, I recommend that others experiencing Neurological difficulties should research and consider this treatment as it has benefited me greatly, and could do the same for you."

  • Shiatsu for dementia

    Have you been diagnosed with Dementia recently or few years ago?
  • Experience language or spatial awareness difficulties?
  • Struggle with mood or behaviour problems which affect your relationship with others?
  • Face difficulties in completing simple movement in your daily routine?

    As Shiatsu Therapist, I will help you and your carer reconnect and understand each other
  • Trust your body's present moment sensations to stay in touch with reality
  • Open up to others and improve your communication
  • Improve coordination of simple movement so your autonomy can be maintained as long as it is possible

    The key point in this support is to help you find your self-confidence that leads to the inner peace!

  • Shiatsu for couple and pregnancy

    Are you a young couple wanting your 1st child?
  • Who experience difficulty to conceive?
  • Whose the mum-to-be is affected by morning sickness, body aches, shortness of breath ... during pregnancy?
  • Who both struggle to maintain physical and emotional vitality after birth

    As Shiatsu Therapist, I will help you make conception and pregnancy a healthy and happy event in your life
  • Heal your old physical and emotional patterns
  • Boost your confidence both individually and as a couple
  • Release physical pain and discomfort during the three trimesters of the pregnancy

    The most beautiful experience during this journey is creating, maintaining and enriching the natural bond between the three of you Mum, Dad and Baby!


  • THE SPARK OF LOVE - How does Shiatsu support the relationship between the Mum-to-be, Partner and Baby?

  • Communauté Française à Londres


    Promouvoir votre santé pour une vie meilleure

    Le Shiatsu est une discipline énergétique japonaise pratiquée depuis des millénaires qui consiste en des étirements et des pressions appliquées sur l'ensemble du corps.

    Le Shiatsu s'adresse à toute personne, quel que soit son âge, désireuse de:
  • Retrouver le calme, le sommeil, la capacité à récupérer
  • Être moins vulnérable aux tensions et événements extérieurs
  • Prévenir les états dépressifs, les effets du stress
  • Résorber les gènes musculaires et articulaires
  • Restaurer l’énergie et le dynamisme
  • Apprendre à mieux se connaître en révélant les tensions profondes liées au psychisme.

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