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Offers a safe space for you to raise your awareness of physical pains, mental restlessness and emotional blockages and become active in maintaining your health and well-being.
Shiatsu is a Japanese Body Therapy that stimulates your body's natural healing ability by applying gentle pressure to points and energetic channels across your body … Read more

Pascale MN Chaillet has been practising Shiatsu Massage Therapy since 2011, part time until 2015 and full time ever since. Besides providing Shiatsu at her own practice in West London Ealing (W5), Pascale also gained experience working in specialised support centres to help individuals affected by long-term health conditions such as HIV and Neurological Disorders. Pascale graduated with the British School of Shiatsu in London and is currently registered with the Shiatsu Society (MRSS), and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council CNHC. She is also fully insured with Balens LTDRead more

A tailored SHIATSU JOURNEY to your needs

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Often associated with massage therapy, Shiatsu offers you a deeply relaxing experience and receiving regular sessions helps you prevent the build-up of stress in your daily life. Zen Shiatsu Therapy helps individuals who are affected by:

  • Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression
    Restore a beneficial sleeping pattern, regain vital energy and clarity of mind, and balance your emotions.

  • Muscle and Joint Pain
    Release physical tension, ease up pain, promote flexibility of your body and gain an increased body awareness
  • Dementia
    Anchor the body in the present moment, improve coordination of simple movements and reconnect with others ... Read more

    A typical SHIATSU JOURNEY starts with a Initial Session (90min) and continues with Follow-up Sessions (60min) either on an ad-hoc basis or as part of one of these packages:
  • Body Tension Release
  • Holistic Health Rehabilitation
  • Holistic Health Maintenance ... Read more

  • A platform to CONNECT, LEARN and ENGAGE about HEALTH

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    It is a common belief that we cannot control our health and when something happens to us we take it as a fate. This belief is partly true only.
    Indeed, our body biologically evolves outside of our control and this is where the modern science and western medicine become very helpful in understanding the unknown and providing avenues to a better health control.
    However, there is a lot that we as an individual can do to improve our health and hopefully prevent illnesses that are due to our modern life style. This is about taking responsibility of your own health.
    With this in mind, Zen Shiatsu Therapy created this platform that includes articles, events and links to supportive communities , so you can:

  • Learn more about how to improve your health and well-being on a daily basis
  • Connect with likeminded communities, engage and exchange about your preventive self-healthcare journey ... Read more

  • Benefit from SPECIAL OFFERS to try Shiatsu

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    You do not know Shiatsu Massage Therapy at all, you have heard about it but never tried, you are not ready just yet to book your Initial Session, but still...
    . You experience Back or join pain, muscle tension
    . You feel stressed, have low energy or experience poor digestion
    . You find yourself struggling with your emotions

    Watch this space regularly for seasonal offers!

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